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  1. Great and enjoyable article, sans the misinformed suggestion that detonation (‘knocking’) and pre-ignition are the same thing. Not even close.

    Detonation is self-ignition due to temp and/or pressure being above the resistance level of the fuel octane in use… and it occurs AFTER SPARK HAS OCCURRED. Detonation, in mild levels, can be endured on many engines for extended periods of time (think 4 cylinder automotive engines, for example).

    Pre-ignition is ignition at or near the BDC position (due to a super heated combustion chamber component, usually the spark plug), after the intake stroke and before or during the early ascent of the piston on the compression stroke. There is no warning sounds or ‘knock’ with pre-ignition and the pressure rise/heat is so drastic it roasts a hole through the piston crown in just a few cyclic rotations of the engine. Pre-ignition results in engine death almost immediately and without exception. There is no “catching it in time”. Detonation for prolonged periods of time can and often does induce overheating of the spark plug to the point of causing pre-ignition, too.

  2. I dont know where the Cannondale info cam from but I saw a cannondale moto quad beat uo on a modded trx450, 2016 yfz450, 700 raptor and two REALLY nice banshees. All back to back on pavement. The only time the cannondale lost was when the rider was fighting the front end back to the ground.

    1. let me add, as far as the cannondale motor being short on power, that is the one thing cannondale did correct, it made some power but. obviously theyre problematic to say the least.

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