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GP Classic Steel #5- 1979 Yamaha HL 500

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  1. hi i hav e just finished building a hl 500 replica and fell in love with them when i first read about them about 8 years ago. my bike features a gmc frame and yz components and is true to the original. i have pretty much bread every thing ever written about these amazing bikes . having been a 4 stroke rider all my life it was something that just had to happen . die hards would turn in there graves because i painted it metalic silver gray and it stands apart from the crowd cheers Andrew

    1. Hi Andrew, great to read about your HL 500 rep. build ,Ive always admired them too so am about halfway through building one. I thought i was a decade too late ,doing it, so its good to see they are still being built.

      1. Yeah they are still out there being done….A lot of XTs are still being built for vintage MX.Ive got one myself but need to get a transmission for it. I’m not going full “Aberg” with it due to lack of funds but it should be fun if I ever get it off the back burner

  2. am looking for information on a hl500 i have that I purchased from Don Vesco Yamaha in El Cajon California in August of 1998.
    The name on the bill of sale is Torsten Hallman
    This bike has no serial numbers, kyb ft forks and ohlin rear shocks.
    Had it restored and am looking for information 0n the bike
    any help is appreciated

  3. Hi , I have owned an aberg replica since 1982 It is one of only five built for the road, It was built by Brian Curtis who is a craftsman at frame building “ he was responsible for the HL’S that were built in 78 and 79 at the Andover factory!

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