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Classic Steel #22 – 1980 Can-Am 250 MX-6

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  1. The MX6 was rated as the best 250cc mx bike of 1980. That engine Both in production for until we’ll into the 90s for a reason. Both the 1980 250 and 400 could have won with the likes of Bob Hannah or Mike Bell on them, so whatever.

  2. I half-drunkenly commented on this about a week ago, and was just thinking about it again, so I Googled the 1980 MX6 250 and read a test from Dirt Bike. They said once set up, it was the best handling 250, had very good suspension , and no 250 was faster. They also reported it had the most durable engine in the class. Just sayin…

  3. Here I go again. This review of the MX6 paints the bike in such a bad light that I looked for the MXA test that supposedly claimed it was one of the worst bikes ever. . I found was their comparison of it and the Husky, and they said the Can Am handled well, and had by far the better engine, but the suspension needed something done to it to be on par with the Husky. Judging by the test results from several magazines, plus personal experience, I think you got it mixed up with the 1977 Black Widow., which MXA did rag A. A properly set up MX6 wouldn’t hold anyone back at the local level, and the truth is the guys riding them at the top Pro level were either has-beens or just not that good, at least not yet.

  4. Vintage race a Mx 5 250 and Mx 5 370 . Both with race tech front and rear suspension. Easily as good as any bike three years ahead and twice as reliable.

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