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GP’s Classic Steel #26 – 1984 Honda CR125R

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  1. I gotta say, this article was a huge trip down memory lane. At the end of 1983, I had a tricked out 1982 Honda Cr125 that came from from my friends dad, a Honda off road guy (Dave Arnold). My bike had been worked on by the mechanics at HRC and the whole motor, suspension, pipe (Bills Pipes) and accessories had come from the Honda Team. I still have my HRC factory gear bag that I got when I purchased the bike. Anyway, my friends were green with envy when I got such a cool 1982 Cr125. I raced my bike through the 82 – 83 season. My friend Ben bought the Honda 1984 CR125 and I have to admit, the lines and looks of the 84 Cr125 are simply stunning. My 82 bike had some factory parts like ports / windows cut into the piston skirt that were hard to replace. But I had to replace my 82 bike at the end of 84, just because finding those factory replacements parts was nearly impossible. Just for the record, my very semi factory massaged 82 bike was faster than the 84 Cr125, but not nearly as fast as my other buddies quasar fast 84 Kx125. That 84 Kx125 bike was a banshee. If Honda had made the 1984 Cr125 faster, then it would have been the 125 class bike of the year. I mean how could a Dave Arnold massaged 1982 Cr125 with some factory engine parts be slower than a bone stock 1984 Kx125. Strange but true. But back to the 1984 Cr125, man she was just gorgeous. I could in the garage and stare at it for hours, admiring its design and beauty. The 84 Cr125 Painfully slow but damn was she gorgeous- especially with Johnny O’ in the pilot seat with his white Answer gear. Those are the golden days of MX when new bikes cost $1500 bucks, out the door!!!

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