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GP’s Classic Steel #28 – 1978 Suzuki RM250C

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  1. RM 250 C was a 1977 and 1/2. C2 was a 1978. I saw C2 at Orlando sports stadium ias early as January 1978. RM 250 B was also a short shift low to mid power band.

  2. I’m restoring a 78 1/2 c2,plastic tanker.just sent the frame to the powdercoater was thinking weather or not to pc the swingarm black?? What do you guys think??

  3. My best friend had the 78 rm 250C1 I had a 1978 kx 250 A4, both were excellent dirt bikes for the time. You review is very good,the C1 and C2 were both 1978 models ,I enjoyed reading about both,wished I still had my kx ,how about a write up on a 1978 kx 125 and 250 A4 in the future.

  4. I have a pe with an rm jug and head. It’s also a great woods bike. I raced arms in the early 70s but have now slowed down to woods ride. Great article, brings back lots of memories. I have refurbished to original nearly 30. Its, pes, cr, rl, a hodaka and Indian 80. Now I’m doing 2 stroke road bikes.

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