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Classic Steel #79- 1988 Suzuki RM 250

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  1. Picked up an 88 rm 250 few weeks ago,have to say,i had an 83 rm250,and i modified it pretty heavily,suspension wise,just to get it to stop tryin to headshake me off the seat!! This 88,although ive not ripped any whoops with it yet,seems to handle fairly middle of the does run waaaay better than my 83 ever did,power wise. Shifts flawlessly!! Looks great,sounds great,wheelies super easy.great machine,i think.

  2. Thanks for the informative article. This was my last race bike and I loved it out of the box. Been trying to chase down any shop manuals with diagrams for this engine, as I had to split the case due to a broken piston skirt jammed in the crank bay. I’m dying to put it back together but need a manual because took too long to find parts since I split it.. I happened to score what was told to me by a Suzuki rep one of the last brand new ‘88 cylinder jugs in their system. Any suggestions on a shop manual source, is the ‘87 similar enough to use one from that year?
    Got a sweet FMF pipe and still in package DG silencer for the rebirth.

      1. Hey Brian, thanks for reply. I have that manual and a dealer parts phish slide . I was lookin for case/gear box specifics. Do you know how similar they are to the 1987? There are shop manuals for those, but not the 88s.

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