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GP’s Classic Steel: Mutants of Moto 5

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  1. Thanks for these articles!

    I really like the YZ490/WR500 supermoto because as you say it’s been built properly; a lot of sport bike guys who’ve never been near a dirt bike try and build supermotos and make basic mistakes like fitting underslung exhausts (not realising it will get ripped clean off the 1st time the suspension is under full compression which can happen on pavement when taking humpback bridges at speed etc.) and ripping off the panels and chopping the subframe (so the bike ends up looking like one of those dreams when you’re walking through a busy public place with no clothes on).

    In comparison this is a textbook supermoto build which looks good and does the business; not sure what those wheels are from but the GSXR caliper/FZR disc combination has probably stuffed a few sport bikes into tight corners by now!

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