Classic Steel

GP’s Classic Steel ’88 125 Shootout

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  1. I purchased my 1988 KX 125, after I sold my 1988 Honda CR 250 ,after it fouled about 20 spark plugs (after re-jetting it, new reed valve, etc.). The 1988 KX 125 was without doubt one of the best play bikes I ever owned. The 1988 KX 125 had a great midrange engine, superb suspension and great handling. The reliability was spot-on; until I blew out third gear, while dicing on a sand track in the Tehachapi (Ca) Valley. I also Raced this bike twice at the beginning of the 1989 racing season, but had a tough time keepIng up to my buddies 1989 CR 125’s in the intermediate class at Parris (Ca) Raceway. This bike was sorely lacking in top end. These articles are great gems to us old timers who sure appreciate it and great history lessons to my sons, who are reading about what “dad road” back in the day. Please keep these articles coming sir.

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