Classic Steel

GP’s Classic Steel #119: ’92 CR250

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  1. I picked a 92 CR250 up last summer for $500 on Craigslist! The thing is all faded but DAMN it rips. And the suspension is ROCK hard but I’m going to change out the bearings soon and service the front… I’m sure I can get some more action out of it… but yeah it’s very stiff and works great when you hit things hard and fast. What a killer engine. I raced a 1990 model in high school but this new power valve engine is in another league.

  2. I’ve had a 92 CR250 for about 3 years and i rode it pretty hard I never had to do anything to it. I kept the oil changed and clean. I made sure everything exterior was good. The only internal thing I did was changed the oil every one in a while. I had a lot of hours on it never put new rings or piston. And it rode like it was brand new. Suspension was a little soft but dam it was a good bike. Worst decision of my life was selling it wish I still had it.

  3. I bought a new one and raced it for 2 years, FFAASSTT is all i have 2 say, … And just so you know where im coming from I also raced 490 Maicos then and now, but that honda was fast.

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