Chamberlains or Benjamins?

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  1. What a load of crap! Maybe American tracks are more of a rut-fest? But there are sand, hard-pac, mud, dust all around the world, including US of A. Red Bud was a good balance of conditions, not needing any specialized skill-set to master. The biggest problem with track builders around the world is, they don’t consider gravity when water is concerned, it aont rocket-science.

  2. The US win streaks are (7) and (13) in a row. That’s weird that your numbers are (-1) on each streak..?

    Look back at some of our old MX Nationals; dry, dusty crap tracks; our tracks are better off now and we should not alter that (watch some old races from the 1990s on Youtube). Perhaps the AMA and FIM should alternate year-to-year on MXdN track prep? The GP tracks are just god-awful crap tracks; why is that revered? Look at their opener on a flat piece of sand! THAT’s a GP track?!!

    Also, SX is tailor-made for live TV coverage; it makes sense; during the winter, at night, everyone can crowd around a TV and watch live SX. Live coverage does NOT make sense for MX; the core base is out…riding! Or doing outdoor things during the day in the summer. Either way, it gets recorded and watched later by what I would claim is the vast majority of viewers. Why not just tape the races, edit it properly so no action is missed for commercial breaks, and broadcast it at a consistent, repeatable time? Getting off topic…

    They all had to race the same track at Red Bud; I didn’t see the heart from our guys to work their way up from bad starts. Think Carmichael at the 2007 MxDN; can you imagine if he had just given up and not worked his way back up from a first-turn crash? Tomac never got close to “Beast Mode”, Barcia didn’t get fired up because nobody rammed into him, and Plessinger just looked outclassed (on a muddy track!).

    This MxDN was truly infamous if you’re an American. We got worked on our own soil on our crown jewel MX track. If it had been a dog fight, if we had been close to winning and it was coming down to a last-lap pass during the last moto and we just BARELY lost…that would be different. This was an epic embarrassment as we were never in contention.

  3. I agree with most of your thesis. However, you left out one important consideration. Our guys race to much. Supercross is stupid long and dangerous and then we tac on outdoors. The riders are often beat up and broken from indoors then they pick the speed up by a factor of 4. That is the also a consideration in my opinion.

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