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  1. Steve, last weeks show was fantastic. Randy is the best guest host ever. Polite, respectful, articulate and knowledgeable. I like that guy so much, my son and I just bought two sets of Starcross 5’s for our bikes. I’ll be mounting them up tonight. We had to buy them through RMMC. Sorry about that. BTO was just too much money. Love the show(s). Keep up the good work.

    Now, let me take a minute to vent a serious pet peeve of mine. I love Moto. Been riding for 43 years. My kids all ride, my wife rides, most of my friends ride. It’s in my blood. We have been to three out of the four US based MXON’s and was crushed in Michigan this year. Our guys need to step it up and get out of the American one trick pony mentality where they are awesome on groomed/prepped tracks and get back to the roots of riding the gnarliest terrain on earth as fast as humanly possible. That is one issue. The real problem to me that is holding our sport back is that our guys are simply uneducated young men who do nothing but ride and train. Where is the education to represent the sport better? Come on… Reading from a pit board on the podium is lame and the sponsors shouldn’t pay them for that nonsense. They need to say… This this rips out of the gate. Did you see that holeshot. These tires are unreal, I was able to see because my goggles are better than his…. Then again, after listening to Cooper Webb this morning I am about to loose all hope. I was initially listening to the podcast in the car during my commute. I was so distracted by Cooper using the incoherent phrase “you know” that I had to stop listening and start over when I got to my office so I could keep track of how often he said “you know during the 30 minutes he was on the show. Are you ready? 159 times! Yes, he said “You Know” 159 times in 1800 seconds. That’s once every 11 seconds consistently for a half an hour! It made me want to scream. Stop it! Just Stop It. Please, these guys are amazing athletes but aside from Dungey, Short, Windham, Canard and a few others, without moto they would be living on the streets or flipping burgers. There has to be a life for the kids that don’t make it or get hurt after moto. If I were to sit across from a 28 year old Cooper Webb in an interview, he would never get the job. I can’t have a person who is unable to put together a reasonable sentence representing my company. We can’t afford that.

    What a difference between Randy and riders like Cooper. We can do better. Not only for the good of the individual athletes but for the long term health of our sport. We have to do better.

    Sorry to pick on Cooper. He is just a symbol of the need we have to better educate our athletes.

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