2018 Report Card: Eli Tomac

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    1. I was hoping someone would ask that. I worded it incorrectly, it wasn’t to sum up his MX season but his 2018 year as a whole. 6-2 scores, leave you scratching your head, especially when in both Moto’s he was clearly the fastest guy. Especially the second Moto when he looked super-natural. So, in essence Southwick encompassed the overall feel of Eli’s 2018: blazing speed and still a little head scratching.

  1. Wow, of all riders Eli is the one with the most “Stewable” effects. Mathis and other top media often compare him to Stew, in that he does things no others will do so I definitely think he deserves a 2 in this category at least.

    1. The only guy beating Eli is Eli. Anyone who says Eli isn’t “the guy” right now is full of it. Eli gonna take the new KX 450 and dominate all of 19. He’s by far the most stewable guy on the line.

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