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Classic Steel 133: 1988 Honda CR250R

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  1. I bought my 1988 CR 250R to replace my cherished 1985 CR 250R. I was never a fan of gold rims on Hondas, so I avoided the 1986 – 1987 CR 250R and kept by 1985 bike in perfect condition. After 3 seasons of racing, an off road friend offered to buy by 1985 bike for desert racing. I then set my eyes on the 1988 Honda CR 250R and just thought it was gorgeous. The reviews talked about an electric motor and poor suspension. I figured a pipe and suspension revalve would solve that. However, I hated this bike for one reason only. It fouled spark plugs; even after I leaned it out, changed oil / gas premix ratios or different altitude and track weather (hot or cold). I even had to ride with two spark plugs when I was play riding and not at at the track. As a matter of fact, I had to ask Jeff Ward for a spark plug while we were riding in the hills of Corona California. Thanks again Jeff. After I fouled about 20 spark plugs and rejet it and replaced the reed valve, I had enough and switched brands and bought a 1988 KX 125, which I absolutely loved as a play bike. I quit racing after I sold my 1988 Honda CR 250. Thanks for a great article. I even read that 1988 Dirt Rider comparison of the 1988 YZ 250 and 1988 CR 250 you posted in this article. I should have bought the YZ in 1988.

  2. Article popped in my news feed. Such abeatiful era of mx bikes. Growing in the 80s was fun. Especially when rode on almost any spare day we had.
    Love the artical and will follow you on insta.

  3. Very interesting read, I am building one right now in I hope I don’t have a problem following plugs, I’m hoping someone before me Played with the forks and rear shock for a better ride But overall sounds like a great bike can’t wait to ride.

  4. I owned this bike and had exactly the same experience as Dennis. I think it fouled a plug every single time I rode it. Same thing with jetting, etc., couldn’t fix the problem. After about six months I got rid of it and bought the 1989 model, which is still my favorite bike I’ve ever owned.

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