Rapid Fire: Fan Reaction to Feld’s Limegate Response

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  1. 1. Them saying tell those dumb riders we will give them a shiny new fresh off the mint quarter if they will not organize into a union…. 2 and 3. Doesn’t matter

  2. I furthermore think 90% of the comments on here are Corp moles…Spreading false news kinda like triple crown is awesome!!!

  3. Every media podcast as well this one, Feld states; we banned lime following Dan Diego, that’s bullshit. They used lime in Minneapolis, watch Dirt Wurx day one track build video. You can see the powdered (lime) in the side-dumps, guaranteed look at the dirt you’ll see the white particles. We use this in construction, it’s mixed with the soil to stabilize road grades or building pads.

    One guy asked about washing down the streets keeping it clean, you cannot wash mud down the street, why because it goes into the storm drains. The city Public Works department would hammer them for that, it’s considers a construction site, you cannot have rock, gravels, clay’s, silts, LIME on any public road unless you have a permit and special filters surrounding all storm drains as your cleaning the roads. Typically, contractors will barricade inlets with hay bales, this way the dirt and rock don’t get in the city drains.

    Either Case Steve Feld is blowing smoke up your ass

    I love your show, of coarse they need lime to build a better track but Feld is in Loss Prevention mode

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