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“Maxxis Tires” – Classic Steel 136: 1981 Suzuki RM125

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  1. Thank you Tony!
    Been reading these classic steel articles for more than a year and really appreciate your input to create them.
    Please continue doing this, these are really interesting to read even for roadrace oriented guy like me!

  2. Tony, your simply killing it with great articles like this. Everytime you have a new Classic Steel article, I feel like a kid / teenager who just got his new Dirt Bike or Motocross Action magazine in the mailbox; circa between 1980 – 1990; actually even now. Anyway, it was awesome to see you give this bike its due in Classic Steel. The 1981 RM 125 will go down in history as one of the best 125cc motorcycles ever. Just ask former National/Supercross/Veteran rider Doug Dubach who raced the AMA Nationals on it for several years and wouldn’t give it up…..he loved this bike.

    Lastly, it was super cool that you showed Mark “The Bomber” Barnett jumping the Magoo Doubles on his albeit Works RH 125. You younger readers should know that when you stood track side like I did at Saddleback Park, before the park was closed in 1984, this jump and the accompanying Suicide Mountain were the absolute pinnacle of monster jumps. Back then these were monsters for little 125 screamers. Lastly as a side note, during a Mini Grand Prix when the track was run backwards, three riders jumped the Magoo Doubles on there 80cc bikes. Those riders were Larry Brooks on a CR 80, Paul Denis on a KX 80, and Mike Healey on a RM 80. Young Eddie Hicks was taking the one by one route and got smoked because he wasn’t jumping it.

    Anyway, please keep these articles coming . They are so appreciated by the guys who grew up in the golden age of motocross, with real works bikes and constantly changing technology that made last years bike obsolete.

  3. HI Tony. I found your work when I looked up this bike, which was the first MX bike I had. My previous bikes were a Yamaha GT80 and a Yamaha MX175. I gave up riding bikes when I went off to university, but I have lately been digging back into it, especially vintage 80s stuff and really enjoying your writing and videos on it even though I can’t ride now. I’ll keep following. Thanks.

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