4 Things That Could Improve SX

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  1. One of the best ways to improve the sport would be to design tracks that have more passing opportunities. The way tracks are designed there is usually only one viable line that the top riders are taking. Currently there is no real incentive to carry speed and take an outside line. The minimal speed gain is lost on the additional ground covered. On an outdoor track a rider can carry a much higher speed that can offset the additional ground he has to cover. If the rider being overtaken tries to defend there is room for the faster rider to change it up and not get parked as in SX. While SX is a great made for TV format it isn’t very exciting beyond the opening laps. If any of the top few riders get the hole shot and has a mediocre ride they can typically (due to the one line nature) hold off a rider having a better day by just taking the good lines away and running the overtaking rider wide. How many times have we seen a seasons ultmate champion ride a few hot opening laps and effectively trail ride the balance of the race to victory?

  2. Mike,

    Solid write up man. Couldn’t agree more. DB had a similar discussion on this week’s episode of Main Event Moto. It would be interesting if Steve could get a production guy from MX Sports or Feld and make things mentioned in this article into some discussion. The TV angle comment is definitely true. The first time I went to Glen Helen in person, I was amazed at how steep those hills are! TV cameras do not do any of the tracks justice.

  3. I still believe there needs to be better TV Analysis (Not necessarily different announcers).
    -In between races, go to a panel of race experts, and break down performances. How racers are using different lines, seat bouncing, corner speed comparison, technique through the whoops, how different bike setups are working/not working….basically how different riders reached their result, and section comparisons.
    -Quit using cliches (not everybody wins off of pure confidence and trusting the process every single race. Jeff Emig did a thorough job ensuring we all know confidence is important)
    -Use split screen during race to show live coverage, but let the race announcers break down passes/major events after they happen. Especially the ones we miss as they happen for positions further back.

  4. I love the camera at ground level that moves along the long straight at Daytona. It really shows the speed they are going, and the length and height they are jumping down that straight. It’s intense to watch!

    I also agree with a multi day format with a different ticket price each day. If you look at NHRA, they do this as well and it works well.

  5. Tuff Blocks DO need to go, invest in low profile wedges!!! I also agree on camera angles to not “level” the tracks. Great article, pass it on to AMA, FIM, Monster, even Camel SX lol!! Improvements that easy would elevate our sport to a new level in not time.

  6. I cannot understand with all of our tech these days, why cant we get some live video from riders! They all wear camera’s anyway. Put a few on the riders and bikes, throw them into the live feed, instead of a ghetto track preview halfway through the broadcast from someones helmet cam. Every other motorsport has evolved, but SX /MX needs to start acting like it is 2020 and not 2000.

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