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“Maxxis Tires” – Classic Steel 2000 Honda CR125R

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    1. According to all the tests and brochures I used for research Honda used a 47mm KYB fork on the CR125R in 2000.

        1. According to several sources I used for the article including Honda’s own CR brochure and Dirt Riders test in 2000 list the forks as being 47mm. Of course, this could have been a miss print as the dealer “RedBook” for 2000 states 46mm. In this case, it is hard for me to know the definitive answer so many years after the fact. I used several other sources as well for the article but many of them only comment on the performance and neglect to delve into figures.

  1. I owned one of these and it was one of the slowest 125 I ever owned. A Bills pipe, head work and re-jetting helped a good bit but the top end and over rev still wasn’t in the league of the older HPP design. The rest of the bike was very good.

  2. It’s amazing how hard it is to get it “right.” I owned an 87 CR125 and it was fantastic. After a few years hiatus I bought a 92 CR125 which handled exactly as MXA described it, “like it has a hinge in the middle.” The backend and front end we’re always worlds apart; simply terrible.

    My 93 RM125 was beautiful though. Boy, that bike handled!

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