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Bridgestone M59 Front Tire: Product Review

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  1. Great feedback Kris, will be sure to try one out down under on my off road bike in future.
    I used to use a combo of bridgestones back in late 2000s and they were real good for offload, Maybe a m404 and m403 if I remember correctly.

  2. So glad you reviewed the M59! This just goes to show how good you are testing, as this is the go to New England rock and root tire. Nearly everyone here runs them.

  3. I agree 95% with your conclusions about the M59 after running them many years on KTM 300’s. The soft carcass and smaller side knobs forgive hitting the edge of the rut instead of the rut center better than any tire I’ve ridden BUT on faster , rocky trail have pinched a few tubes and broken spokes on some ugly hits running 13psi . So maybe 15Psi better there .

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