Classic Steel

“Maxxis Tires” – Classic Ink #14 The Yamaha Moto-Bike 

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  1. I wanted one of these so bad! Then I got a job in a bike shop and had to work on one and in reality it was all looks and no go. This was just before actual purpose built bmx frames hit the market and when they did it was all over.

    1. Yeah, I think the reality of the Moto Bike paled next to its imagined excellence in my mind at the time.

  2. I rode one once. It was really, really heavy and the suspension bobbed like crazy with every pedal stroke. I wanted to like it, and it looked super cool, but it was a bit of a facade.

  3. These ‘MX’ bicycles had faded fast by the mid 80s when I first encountered them. My bro.’s classmate had such a bomber, a clone no less, allowing me a good look at its not-so-fine qualities: lead-heavy framed, bouncy-tired & plain cheap all around. K-mart must’ve had a hulluva time clearing its stock when more respectable BMX machinery arrived.

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