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  1. The show is always good and I look forward to all of your content. I have been listening for years. Wow, it has been years! Great job guys!

  2. shows great very adaptable especially to current situation i do like the mix up here and there getting yours and riders opinions and views on other topics along with racing only show that does that only thing is lay off the fan hate from the wrap up show its a good show as well sometimes gets a little old listening to voice mail about it

  3. Love the show, don’t change a thing! You guys keep my week going. I love the Howard Stern style radio style but with moto! Keep up the good work Steve and the rest of the crew!

  4. I’ve only been listening for two years but I absolutely love your show!!! You guys make it feel like we’re actually on the inside which is super cool! I also think it’s super cool how you’re always helping privateers ? Keep an eye on Carlen Gardner and his brother Bryson Gardner they are both badasses and from my hometown of Paso Robles. Talon was an awesome edition to your team and it seems like he works well with all of your guy’s chemistry in the studio. I honestly can’t think of any criticism of the top of my head. Maybe be nicer to Darkside haha and maybe try to smooth things over with Will Hahn. Definitely miss Will Call. Keep up the good work!!! ???

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