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2021 Honda CRF450R Initial Baseline Settings/Mods

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  1. Hey Keefer!! What’s up man love your stuff, keep up the hard work..
    So listen, I need some inside info on this bike, I put a deposit down on a 450rwe back in August ! Always been a red rider, I know some people can’t handle the ridged frame but 8 out of 10 I can mange the motorcycle. I really don’t want to switch brands, but I’m afraid I may never get the new bike.
    Do you have any insight on when these bikes will be in the dealerships, my dealer seems not to have a determined answer and I’m starting to panic, considering I sold my 2017 Honda!! Help me out my man, give me the news good or bad, and maybe a suggestion, of another brand to try??
    Btw I’m out of Long Island New York , not sure if they will be released differently from west to east coast..
    Thanks dude! Have a good one bud.

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