What People Are Saying…

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  1. great concept and content. but, the copy editing was somewhere between shitty and missing all together. so what could have been an excellent piece was “just ok” because no one bothered to do any editing. about half of the thoughts the people tried to get across are so poorly communicated, it is impossible to figure out what they mean. and, at least 20% of the remaining copy was disjointed or conflicting – meaning they said something and then later in the same paragraph they said what seemed to be the opposite.

    please take this in the right way – constructive criticism – your job is to be a journalist – and that includes a role as editor – step it up guys!

    1. Really, we’re supposed to edit someone’s quote? This is not called “Let’s paraphrase what people are saying…

  2. I know this is a little older post but what happened with Forkner and his chick that the “rider” was referring to? I thought they were getting married

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