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“Maxxis Tires” – Classic Ink #20: Chest Protectors

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  1. Lol I still race with a full front and back chest protector..NY rocks and I’m old..But in the winter series I always forget to bring it.Big jackets and such…Then I get nervous about riding without it…..

  2. I wore the Flak Jak starting in the late 80’s. Best thing that ever happened was falling down and having the rider behind me use one of the arm guard attachments for traction. Ripped it right off. Much more movement. Ripped the other arm guard off for moto 2. MSR bought the Flak Jak design I believe as I bought a new one in 2004 and the arm guards had snaps to easily take them off.

    Does Barry Carsten still rock the flak jak?

  3. I still wear chest protector everytime i ride! If you ever had a real crash with massive impact in chest or back your an Idiot if you dont use them afterwards!
    Learned it as a Kid, still do it with nearly 30..
    By the way, a chest protector looks so much cooler than riding without. 🙂
    The 18 yo kids dont get it, they are dressed like they wanna ride a pitbike in the backyard!

  4. The “Willem” on Roger de Coster’ s shirt refers to Willem II, a Dutch sigarette- an cigar-brand. At that time it was a sponsor for Roger.
    It was named after a former Dutch king.

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