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“Maxxis Tires” – Classic Steel 156: 1991 Honda CR125

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  1. Hi Tony from Sweden:) love reading these stories, really detailed, hard work. I have always been a Honda guy, I had a 1981 CR 80 before switching to a 1992 Cr 125. That bike being similar to this 1991, yes grim hard suspension and some headshake, but man that engine was low end, potent midrange and screamin on top, it sure was addictive and fun lol. I read you had the 90 and 99 CR 125

    Had it between 1997-2000 when I switched to a 1998 KX 125, it really was much slower. In 2001 I bought my dream bike a 1999 Cr 500 and I still have it 20 years later, super reliable beast:)

    I am 39, I ride mostly on fire roads, in the woods and in a sand pit nowadays with the CR 500 but considering a comeback to a motocross track, Im considering buying an old 125-250 for that. I actually have ridden my cousins YZ 426 in the California desert near Gorman when he lived in USA, and I visited a friend outside LA last year, he has a Kx 250F.

    Keep up the good work!✌️😃 Your mx vault videos are fun too, maybe a Kx 500 story?

  2. Thanks, the KX 500 story would be a fun but short one as they were like identical 1988-2004😊

    Regarding the 1991 Cr 125 its interesting how tall the seat height was at 38,4 inches, I think 1992 was equal, thats a whole inch higher than a 1997 steelframed Cr 125. That HPP Power valve was complicated but I never touched mine during my 3 years of ownership, maybe I was lucky, the motor always ran clean and very strong on top.

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