Classic Steel

“Maxxis Tires” – Classic Steel 157: 1986 Yamaha TT350

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  1. The European bikes of the 70’s sent me to Japanese air cooled 4 strokes. I was riding my 4 stroke and my buddies were wrenching away on them European bikes. And the old 4 strokes are my bike of choice, and yeah I am kinda old too.

    And those white and red Yamaha’s looked so cool!!!

  2. I have the 600 version, and a XT600 also. These bikes are way better than they got credit for being.
    I get a kick out of the modern bike riders that can’t believe these old bikes will do!

  3. I bought an 87 back in 1990 while living in San Diego. Absolutely loved the bike. It went from mountain rides to some desert enduro runs that I dabbled in from time to time. Always have great memories of it. Absolutely a bullet proof engine and only thing touched was a valve adjustment after years of running. I have great memories of that bike…..30 some years ago…

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