Classic Steel

“Maxxis Tires” – Classic Steel #169 1986 YZ250

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  1. Another fantastic article. When this bike came out, there was a lot of hope that Yamaha had come up with a great motorcycle. I was a Honda guy and looked at this new 1986 YZ 250 as a curiosity. The first time I saw it was at the end of 1985. A father and son were riding 1985 / 1986 YZ 250 ‘s at a popular 1980’s high desert town called California City. My buddy and I were riding at a sand track and met the father and son. I was riding my 1985 Honda CR 250 and my buddy his 1985 Kawasaki KX 250. We all switched bikes to compare the bikes. I went away un-impressed with the 1986 YZ 250, as I was comparing it with my other buddies 1986 Honda CR 250. Although Yamaha made a go for it, it just wasn’t even in the same league as the greatest 250 2 stroke of all time……the Honda 1986 CR 250. That bike was just on point. Thanks again for the trip down memory lane.

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