Top 22 People of Power and Influence in MX/SX

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    So you’re telling me the 8th most powerful person in SX is a “newbie” to the sport…. SOUNDS RIGHT.
    Bring in a guy who KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT THE SPORT and have him take the wheel.
    I may be biased because I know Ken from my days as a sponsor with the NHRA but he was a jackass there- most pretentious asshole I’d ever met… ask anyone in NHRA about KEN. Here is his real bio….
    Worked with the NBA,- they fired him and had to rebrand and relaunch their streaming platform completely-after it flopped and he lost them millions and he was tied into an hr scandal.
    Got a job with the NHRA he ran it into the ground, liquidated the series and and they fired him.
    So Feld picked him up. Sounds right.
    Didn’t know he was with Feld now…

  2. Ken Adelson is a cancer . He. Has no idea how to run a production. He’s an idea stealer and eventually will be vetted and found to be useless.
    The Technical Producer of Supercross for over 20 years was William “ Bill” Kavis . The team he put together , the experience and his relationship with vendors are the reason Supercross became what it was as far as television viewership which led to packed stadiums. He was the reason Race Day Live, the streaming Preshow, became what it was starting in 2015. Bills resume, Emmys , consulting , media management , operations production and technical teams would make Ken’s look amateurish. The only reason he’s there is because he lied his way into the job . He had to try and tarnish a great mad legacy but was unsuccessful . Feld will regrets it’s decision as the years come.

  3. So, the owner of Stark Motorcycles is one of the Top 22 People of Power and Influence? Let’s think about this for a second. He is not in the sport. He has not sold a single motorcycle. Yet he is in the Top 22 most powerful influencers? No way. Hey, it’s great that the bike was “a hit from the media people who have ridden it” and that he has apparently a lot of preorders. But we all know about promises from electric motorcycle startups. I’ll be surprised if a Stark motorcycle sells a single bike in 2023.

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