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Daytime Program: H3

The last round hit Houston Saturday night and it took a couple of key contenders out of the 250 class like RJ Hampshire and Austin Forkner. In the 450 class it looked to be a Roczen runaway, but. the …

Daytime Program: H2

Tuesday night racing is cool! Round two of the Monster Energy Supercross is behind us and it was a crash fest. The track was turned around from Saturday and managed to be even faster than the first ro…

Daytime Program: H1

Finally! We have Supercross back! Hopefully you’ve missed Daytime Program as much as I have missed typing it. As usual, the track at the opening round didn’t prove to be the most technical track and t…

Peloton Bike Review

We’ve had the Peloton in our household for over a year and I have always thought about doing a review for all you Moto heads out there that are maybe looking to get an in home studio spin bike. No, it…


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