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Swizcorner: 10 Days Later

How you doin? There is so much bizarreness in the World right now. It has been 10 days since our (the SX MX community) really felt the press of the COVID-19 reality. Raise your hand if that 10 days re…

Swizcorner: Unknown. Unknowable.

It’s been a crazy week. This could be looked at from so many angles and my head is full of considerations like a group racquetball tournament playing in my noggin. I’ll do my best to arran…

Swizcorner: Daytonawkward

There aint no two sides about it, this years Daytona track was straight up awkward. For a 50th running of an event and all the effort they went through to incessantly repeat that it is the biggest mot…


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