Pulp MX Anaheim 1 Photo Report

Photos by James Lissimore


This imagery makes my stomach churn and I have been retired for 4 years. Anaheim is off the charts in the pressure department.
Deano is on the hoverboard but the king of hovering lurks in the background.
Media darling, Wil Hahn looks comfy in his new role. 
Jeremy McGrath dealt with massive arm pump in 2002. He might have some insight for Eli's troubles... Or maybe I am just stupid and grabbing ideas out of thin air. Probably thae latter.
Mike Alessi had a scary moment in the main event, laying motionless on the ground for a lap or two. Hopefully he can get back to the races quickly.
Phil had a Phil weekend, chock full of crashing, yelling, screaming, and bird-flipping. He was pretty fast, though, so hopefully San Diego smooths out.

The spectacle of supercross is something that never gets old. And I also like fireworks. Win-win.

This was some hockey player that everyone was excited about. I hate hockey so I watched football on my phone during this.
More hockey. Touchdown Seahawks!!!!!!!!
McElrath was incredibly impressive this weekend. Poised, fast, and fit... He made a statement.
Jeremy was podium bound if he didnt start so far back. He rode well but sixth isn't going to get it done.
Mitchell Oldenburg was just a touch off the lead pace but still had a great first outing. He will be a podium threat all season.
Austin Forkner had a big get off in the whoops but still salvaged a top ten. I was a little underwhelmed with his raw speed but he will get better.
Marty is incredibly fast and is a favorite in every heat race he enters. He still needs a bit more focus for the 15+1 main event but podiums are always good.
This is my pick for the championship right here.
Congrats to a great person and very deserving winner. He took himself to a new level on Saturday.
KW! It's always good to see Kenny Watson. His success at RCH is one of the most unlikely stories moto has ever seen.
Jake Weimer didn't even have a ride a week or so ago. For such a last minute deal, he was awesome. I was legitimately happy for JW12.
When 94 is up front on the first lap, 21 other riders are in deep doo-doo.
Jason Anderson could have gotten on the podium with a better start. He is going to win races this year.
Dean wasn't thrilled with his weekend but it was a solid start to the year. He needs better starts if he wants to battle with the riders he is capable of racing.
Cooper Webb had an off weekend. His 450 debut had to be pressure filled and he looked to be feeling it. He never looked comfortable to me. San Diego will be better.

This is one of the best pit board messages I have seen outside of "too slow, pull off".

Davi Millsaps came into Anaheim sick and a bit beat up. He fought through to a solid seventh place finish. Nice to see some toughness out of Davi.
This was moments before an unstoppable force smacked into an immovable object. Chad's Yamaha took the brunt of the impact and cost him a main event. 
Blake's result on paper may not have been stellar but his riding certainly was. He will be a top five threat this season.
Eli was fast but arm pump is a nasty bit of business. I never really understood what brought on arm pump in my own racing but I know it was a real mofo when it reared its ugly head.
The Dunge wasn't able to threaten Kenny but he was a solid second, just like last year at A1. He didn't seem worried on the podium.
All hail, King Kenny.
Marvelous Marv was super solid all day and night. He may not have the pace to win this title quite yet but he is still improving.
There are so many F words being said and so few eff's being given in this interview. Weston is not scared to speak his mind, that's for sure. I think I even heard him invent a few swear words this weekend.