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  1. I remember the 1987 Southwick motocross national. This was a race that I was lucky enough to be at because I witnessed something I’ve never seen before or since. It was the first 250cc moto and the rider was Ron Lechien. Right from the start he got out front and rode at a pace that should have been impossible for any mere mortal. It’s impossible to put into words just how fast he was. Ronnie made the rest of the field look like B-class riders. Even Rick Johnson and the Hurricane looked like they were tied to a tree compared to Ronnie. At no point did he ever let off the throttle all the way around the track. I’ve watched the video of this race, but for some reason it doesn’t translate what it looked like in person. Since that moto I’ve never seen anyone go that fast on a motocross bike. It’s one of my fondest memories of motocross.

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