Observations from the MXDN

Here’s all my thoughts on what went down in Lakewood this past weekend. Link after the jump.

Pulpmx Show Archive!

Thanks to Trey Canard, Erik Kehoe, Andrew Short and Jason Thomas for coming on last night. Link after the jump.

MXDN Saturday Photo Report

Go read some other sites and they’ll tell you who did what and how it all went down. Here, with the help of James Lissimore, is some Saturday stuff.

An Honest Look at the 250 National Points

Here’s what I think about the riders and how they finished this season. Let’s count them down, 20 to 1! All photos by Carl Stone.

Pulpmx Show Archive!

Thanks to Davey Coombs, Andrew Short and Randy Yoho for coming on last night, good times! Link after the jump.

Classic Commentary 10: 1999 Pontiac

For this edition of the hit series, I sat down with former Factory Yamaha rider Jimmy Button to talk about the 1999 Pontiac Supercross. Good times! This race brings back the highlights of racing into the stands, rutty dirt and…

450 National Box Scores

We did the 250 class the other day and now with the help of MX Sports, let’s take a look at the season box scores.

Tell Us Another Story, Ron Lechien

The 1985 125 national champion tells us all about this picture.

250 National Box Scores

Thanks to MX Sports for taking the stats to a new level this year, check these out from over a course of 24 motos

Observations from Pala

Lots and lots of super important things happened at Pala this past weekend, go over to TWMX to read all about them. Link after the jump

Podcast Transcription: Roger DeCoster

The podcast interview I did with Roger DeCoster last week was a pretty good look at everything that has to do with his move from Suzuki to KTM. Here, for those that don’t like listening to those things is the…

Matthes Classic Podcasts Up on iTunes

From the ashes of all the old Racer X and Racer X Canada podcast shows, here is over 80 older shows to go back and listen to. There are some real classics in here folks. Link after the jump.


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