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GP’s Classic Steel #51- 1981 Yamaha YZ465H

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  1. Great article. I raced Yamaha’s. Open class from 1975 to 1995 I recently retired and started racing vintage motocross friend of mine built a 1981YZ 465 for me I competed in AHRMA Northeast this season and had a blast racing again

  2. Hi Bob, I just bought a 81 yz 465! It’s in great shape and I’m planning on racing again myself. So cal has the old school vintage club and rides at Glenn Helen, not the main track but they turn the trophy truck track into a scramble. I turned pro at saddleback in 82 and had been racing yzeds since I started!! How you doing and come down March 28 2021 and eat some dirt with me! Nice article. Chris lance

  3. I had the 1980 model and yes, was frequently hanging on for dear life at 150lbs and 18 y/o. One reason it was so pipey is because of how the pipe was engineered. Right out of the head there was a bulge in the pipe that created the crazy powerband. Hence the 81 was re-engineered and not nearly as exciting. So I had read back in the day.
    Man I miss that bike. We had the swingarm extended 12” for hill climbing. It was nearly unstoppable!!

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