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Classic Steel 122: 1989 RM 250

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  1. 4/1/2019
    Thanks Tony for your article, I suppose I bought my 89 RM 250 K late september 2019. Maybe I can sell it for a little bit more than I paid ? Vintage seems to add a percentage to anything over 25 years.

    Dan Simmons

    1. I’m posting here because i just recently purchased what I believe to be a 1989 RM 250!! I could not find any numbers on the motor or the frame but reluctantly I went ahead and bought it. Later after further inspection realized that the numbers had all been removed . Definitely needing some help identifyng what I actually have.

      1. Guess what Max, it was stolen! I have an 1989 RM250 flat tracker with two extra motors so I’m familiar with them, bad-ass 2-smoke! Nobody in their right mind removes serial numbers from engine or frame, that’s a dead give away. My advise, ride it like you stole it!

  2. I have a 1989 RM250 I rode in 1989 parked it for 31 years had it all redone everything rebuilt every piece of rubber seal on it it’s putting out 56 horsepower and it is one sick bike it only has 40 hours on it I’m looking to sell it it’s almost too much to handle it blows away the the new 250s even the the 500 open classes in two-stroke! A pro circuit muffler DG tuned pipe boysen reeds and and 38 mm L
    ectron carburetor.

    1. Anybody interested in the above motorcycle mentioned the RM250 1989 post a reply.I’ll try to get a hold of you or vice versa.

  3. I bought an 89 RM 250 about 6 months ago. I put a flywheel weight and forks from a 91 and serviced the rear shock. I’m a die hard Yamaha guy that races AHRMA and TVRC here in Texas. I’m 65 years old and race multiple classes. I also race an 83 YZ 250. This 89 RM (with the mods I made) is easily my favorite bike to ride. It does everything well. I believe the flywheel weight made a huge difference. The power is strong and most importantly smooth as you click through the gears. I love this motorcycle!

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