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Daytime Program: Glendale SX

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  1. Reed: how’s he gonna get into race shape while racing week in week out? Travel, sponsor obligations, etc. Really unclear how he makes significant week over week gains from here. Losing the off season bootcamp is tough. Maybe top 10 by April.
    Tickle: lackluster vs. expectations. Great dude and rider but KTM can’t be happy, IMHO, with the investment in his overall program.
    Webb: just seems off. I met him at A1 and he seems “out of it”, like, mentally not fully into it. Also still looks like the YZ is sorta riding him. Again, good dude and I hope he turns it around.
    Barcia: total overachiever. Clearly the bike works well so this makes Webb look worse. Riding with a purpose helps.
    Roczen; playing the long game, clearly, which is smart.
    Peick: looks to me like dudes behind him ride more clean and careful when passing. They don’t want a black eye in the pits? LOL
    Brayton: legit playa this year. WOW.
    Marv: yeah the whoops continue to be “interesting” for Marv, which is wild, that bikes is primo and would think they could figure out a better approach?

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