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  1. What I have not seen anyone mention is the colossal case of heat exhaustion that Eli got in the second race of his pro career. I was at Freestone that day and he was pulling away in the first moto by overjumping everything and bashing his way around and hanging on in classic ET3 form; then he ran out of steam abruptly. Ditto for second moto. Heat prostration affects different people different ways–Dean Wilson was hit the second moto and let Rattray by for the win, yet seems to have recovered OK. Eli, however, has either been laser-beam focus/one with the bike on good days, or floundering around on bad ones. It took him an entire year to recover from Freestone, IIRC, as in not even being able to train or ride for a long time. So I wonder about his mental and physical stability when his core temperature is up during a race and his focus is disrupted by a crash or mechanical. Maybe he really can’t refocus. I have to say that Eli’s on my short list of riders who probably have a TUE for Adderall, given his uncanny level of focus when he’s on, which had struck me from his first win at Hangtown. It would not surprise me if there’s an issue involving Adderall, his past heat prostration history, and breaking focus during a race, one that was often masked on Hondas that turned better indoors. This would not be a common syndrome due to the peculiar factors involved. There would be pressure to keep using the drug because it works so well for him when it works. Odd that the number 7 had similar mysterious issues and is a known Adderall user, isn’t it? Gross speculation on my part, but as hard as Tomac was hit by heat early in his career, that should be viewed as a possible factor in his current problems.

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