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  1. As far as the commentating, for years I’ve been saying that we need to improve our representation for our sport. The issue I have is that Ralph, Fro, and even RC (when he’s in the booth with them) will yell/shout/scream “OOOOOOHHHH!!!!!” at the slightest little bobble anyone makes. It’s totally unprofessional and it helps keep our sport’s image down at the “County Fair MotoRcross” level.

    Instead of shouting like idiots at every little “moment” on the track, how about they take a page from truly professional TV personalities, for instance the NFL. What happens when a quarterback throws an interception? The announcers might go “…and it’s picked off!” and then they shut up; you can hear the crowd ROARING in the background, and then the announcers re-join the action a few seconds later. They certainly don’t start shouting like drunken frat boys every time a QB throws a pick. Compare and contrast that to what we have, with at least two (and sometimes more) grown men shouting like monkies at every slip, bobble, tipover, and crash. Do we want our announcers to sound like what you might expect to hear at the local mud bogs, or something better?

    It’s embarrassing, and our sport deserves better. Unfortunately FS1 doesn’t seem to agree since they will use those “OOOOOHHH!!!!!” screaming monkey moments during promo highlights to advertise upcoming races.

  2. I cannot agree enough and have thought the exact same thing about the incessant “OOOHHHHHH!!!”s for years and years. Glad it’s not just me. It’s so bad.

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