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Mutants of Moto 12: Trike Edition

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  1. I think the 86 Honda ATC 250 R was the bike I was riding just before I broke my arm on the 490! George got it for a steal of a price. It was a blast to ride. It was tough in the woods though, I did hit a tree and get ejected.

  2. When I was a kid flagging in the early 80’s……my arm was worn out by waiving that flag at moto….lol…..yeah would love to score a 86 250r motor just to have around…ya never know!!

  3. Also I moved from the 1981 xd 80 to the most impressive 1985 Honda 110 trike ,,,,ballon tires and all lmao!!!

  4. It’s clear the author is biased in his dislike of 3 wheelers and admits it in this “story”. What he is ignorant of however is that 3wheelers were not unsafe OR dangerous. What most don’t realize or know is that when the CPSC was trying to crucify the 3 wheeler and it’s manufacturers, a research project was done investigating injuries and deaths from 3wheelers and other common and popular items like bicycles, skates, skateboards and numerous other toys and items purchased for kids. The true results of this study clearly showed that injuries and deaths associated with three wheelers were SIGNIFICANTLY LESS than all of the previously mentioned items that most all kids ( and adults ) had owned during their youth or at any times when compared to units sold per capita.
    What the DATA clearly showed was that far more kids sustained serious injuries and / or death by comparison while riding readily available and accepted bicycles, skateboards and other items than when compared to the numbers with 3 wheelers…. The facts are available if you REALLY want to know them.

    1. I do not hate three-wheelers. In fact, I just published a review of Honda’s awesome ATC250R and I appreciate them for what they were. I have owned over 50 motorcycles and ATVs in my 40 years of riding and racing and have a lot of experience riding ATCs. I have always thought there were cool and fun, but there is no denying that they are less stable than a quad. They are lighter and better at certain things, but they are inherently less stable. To deny that is to deny basic physics. This article was clearly written slightly tounge-n-cheek and should not be taken too seriously. All of the Mutants of Moto articles are meant to be humorous and they poke fun at all the machines I highlight. I was alive and racing in the 80s and several of my family members had ATCs then and my niece currently races a 1985 ATC350X. ATCs are fun and relatively safe if you respect them, but they do require an extra level of control and respect to ride them safely.

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