When It Rains In Southern California  

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  1. Great job on the article Keefer! Now I just gotta get my ass in gear and get a new bottom end for my bike. Keep up the great work and all the content. #preachitlikekeefer #keefergospel

  2. Great write-up Keefer. This reminds me soooo much of when we get good waves here in southern NC. It’s exactly the same; phone starts blowing up, can’t sleep, everyone jumps on board and takes off work etc. We ride sand a lot down here and a good rain storm makes it PERFECT. I can only imagine if rain was as rare as the waves….

  3. That high dez dirt after the rain awwww man. Just kicking at it before you head out lets you know today I ride like a hero.

  4. I recognize those power lines in the picture. Had so many great memories of that place that I spread my dad’s ashes there. See you out there The next time it rains!

  5. Someone needs to make an air freshener/candle/or wax melt that smells like wet desert. It really is one of the best smells.

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