Swizcorner A2: The Martyr

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    1. You’re free to think that but I can with 100% integrity tell you I did see that thread AFTER I published this. Not before. Admittedly, it should be on an MX discussion board, it’s a timely and accurate thought.

  1. I wonder how much input Roger DeCoster had into Dungy’s mindset? When THE MAN speaks, you better be listening!!

  2. Love the season so far,But I don’t think the top 3 are slacking at all.KR is riding amazing and fast,Marv is getting back there,And Eli is adjusting to a whole new machine.The field has just caught up to that pace.Plus we got a lot of new talent,Not just b riders taking up the gate.JA well I’m confused there.But it’s not like the top guys are sand bagging.IMO.

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