Swizcorner San Diego: Window of Negligence

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  1. It is blatantly obvious that FELD only cares about themselves. Ticket prices continue to soar while rider payouts continue to be hideously low. I’m not sure how the privateers make ends meet. IMO, it is absolutely ridiculous the amount of money FELD makes. They even have the audacity to charge the riders (the people who put on the show(s) for them) hundreds of dollars for entry fees. The purses they pay the riders to become maimed by their track designs and things like this last weekend’s debacle with the lime is embarrassing when compared to other motorsports..

    Does FELD even care? I’m not sure they do because we fans keep filing the seats every SX weekend.

  2. Fucking boycott. Don’t go period. I’m not going to Seattle,they moved it up a month earlier than last year last year was a joke. Would you go to work if you had chemical burns from the week before from gross negligence by your “employer”? Feld is an employer from riders to track workers. Without both the show would not go on.Did the track workers know and did they take precautions from being for harmed or are the just as fucked as the riders? How about the KTM Jr race? I love Moto and don’t have a fox sticker on my lifted truck,my point is the favorites need too step up also. They pay KR and all of them ALOT of $ and there whole crew,parts ,time . Don’t get me started on Tickle. Starve him out we don’t want his kind representative of our SHOW. Well feld will never get one more of my hard earned dollars. I never post on shit like this but fuck them. Rant over

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