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“Maxxis Tires” – Classic Steel Top Ten Kawasaki’s

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  1. C’mon guys. The 1982 – 83 KX 125 was the best looking motorcycle of all time. With those gold rims, trick gold swing arm, front disc brake, single sided radiator and that number plate / rear fender combo just oozed trickness. . Even that Uni Trak linkage was a sight to beholden, compared to my mundane looking 1981 YZ 100.

    What about the 1984 -1987 KX 125’s. I’ll even add the 1988 – 1989 KX 125 to my list, even with that fat gas tank. You totally missed the true golden era of KX’s that made young guys into stars.

    BTW: My dad ended up buying me the 1982 Honda CR 125 because he rode the 70’s Elsinore’s and he thought I should own one to. Not complaining I didn’t get the KX 125, because I was just glad my dad helped me out a little bit.

    Please keep up the fantastic articles .

  2. I speak as a true fan of off-road motorcycles (I have over 1000 off-road motorcycle magazines). Tony disappointed me ….. the 1990 KAWASAKI is by right the most beautiful kawasaki ever, revolutionized the industry, at the time it was so innovative that it shocked me aesthetically

    1. I am sorry to disappoint you. I was REALLY close to going with the 1990 because it was so significant, but I was basing my pics on aesthetics not cultural significance and I think that 2016 is just prettier.

  3. Comment #1 was made *before* I read through the article in its entirety. Yep, the ’90. & ’92 250s are eye candy, along wide the. ’94. to a lesser degree. The others leave me feeling uninspired in all honesty. I have an older, quite overlooked nominee for the crown of best-looking green MX machine

    Back up to the 80’s to find a bike that screamed trick on first sight: the ’86 125. It improved upon the ‘Works Replica’ gimmick used the year prior by actually looking like a bona fide works bike. I know some ppl disagree on the shroudless right side of Kawis from this era, but plz bear with me. The angular, symetrical lines on both sides of the ’86 are outstanding.

    That year Kawasaki sculpted a brawny gas tank with some sharp angles to stay modern. Like a Greek architect they then mated it to the frame just so, ensuring its bottom lines ran parallel with sections of the seat. Staying with the theme of refined curves, the designers tacked on cleanly shaped fenders & number plates. Congruent lines, found in abundance on this bike, really brings out the aesthetic. The ’88 CR250, one of the best-looking MX bikes ever produced, also wears them in spades.

  4. I always liked the Kawi green, but I have to agree with Blaze that they made some of the fugliest rear fenders ever. Good list.

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