Quest for Eddie

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  1. Great story Steve. I wasn’t planning on listening to this one but your enthusiasm has sold me. Well done.

  2. I live in Michigan, and worked with Eddie’s dad and rode trails with Eddie and his dad for a number of years. I remember, when Eddie was very young and riding a Honda MR50. I was on a 125 Elsinore. We were at a practice facility and Eddie dogged me for a couple laps, but couldn’t pass until I made one mistake. Then he passed and was gone. As he grew, the signs of greatness were there, but he was well mannered and humble. I met Eddie through his dad who was a great mechanic. In Ed senior’s early years he worked with Bart Markel who was a champion AMA flat tracker on Harley Davidson. After that Ed worked and was a friend of Mike Hartwig. I think he was on Husqvarna, but also Yamaha. Ed was Eddie’s wrench through all his amateur years. We sometimes rode at Mike Hartwig’s local practice track, but it was so rough and extreme, lowly riders like myself had a very difficult time there. I’m a trail rider, not exceptional in any way, but it has been an honor to be a friend of Ed Warren and watch Eddie Warren ride.

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