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Which 2021 450 MX Bike Is Right For You? Kawasaki KX450 Vs. Yamaha YZ450F

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  1. This right here!!! This is what your readers want! Great comparison! Finally someone understands our pain on the east coast! I know it cost a lot but everytime you race lorrettas your testing brain gets broader ?

  2. Awesome content! This type of information is exactly what the average consumer, like me, needs to make the right choice. Thanks!

  3. Looking to buy a leftover KX or YZ when I stumbled across this article…hands down the best comparison I’ve seen in a long while, and the bike/rider compatibility breakdown at the bottom addresses questions that I believe attract potential buyers to online/print shootouts in the first place. A long term test report (when possible/applicable) would be a great read as well, especially for the machines that might not have the best history in terms of durability (ie anything that doesn’t come in blue).

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