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Is The 2023 KTM 300SX Really That Good?

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  1. Hey Keefer… IF the AMA did the sensible thing and made the big class a more even cc limit, how close are the 350 and 300?

  2. First time since I retired I got a little bit curious again. (I rode a 500 cr in alu-frame long time ago, then ah 650 4-stroke, that is when heats where 35-45 minutes and big bore classes existed in europe)

  3. Hey Keefer, coming from a YZ 250x, would you reccomend this over one of the 4 strokes for a New Mexico offroad rider? Particularly Rio Rancho where you rode some Husqvarnas a few years back. I ride either desert there or sigle track mountains. I’ve been curious between this 300 and the 350.

    I’m a 40 year old weekend warrior. I love my yz and wouldn’t be getting rid of it. But I’d like some new technology also.

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