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GP’s Classic Steel #113: 1978 YZ400E

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  1. Thanks for the info on my old bike. I bought one from Davis CA Yamaha in 1978 when I was home on leave and took it to my duty station in San Diego where I rode for the duration of my enlistment. It was a wonderful bike and I have a lot of great memories. Excellent article on the bike. Thank you

    1. Bought one used in ’80 then another one in ’84. Didn’t have much money then but they were fun to ride and looked great.

  2. Bought my 400E from Fairway Yamaha in Yorba Linda, Ca. in 1979 Did 26 races that year. AMA and CRC enduros ,qualifiers, Took 15th overall at the Greenhorn Enduro that year. Ended up #14 AMA(1stB) and #9 CRC(1st Vet) for 1980. Bike ran perfect all year. Mostly stock, used IT 2 ring piston. Raised foot pegs 1inch. Solid aluminum bars. Still have the old warrrior, over in the corner of my garage. Thanks for the article.

    1. I still have my old yz 400 in the garage, I ripped up the chain guide way back and never replaced it and now of course it’s not available… Too bad😕

    2. Ah yes, Fairway Yamaha, right next to Fairway Ford. Test drove the new RD400 there and am still alive today for not buying one (Carbon Canyon Road was a bit of a man-eater) Mine was a 77 YZ400 that burned in the Camp Fire. You had to lift the front end to control the wheel hop in the bumps. Great power and nice in the desert too. Now in northern CA, Wish I were still riding the beautiful hills of Yorba Linda. Please let me know if you’d consider selling your 78 YZ.

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