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GP’s Classic Steel #116: Honda XR75

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  1. I had one of these bikes and I had the best time with it as A kid . Heck I even drove it to jr high and the girls would think I was some kind of bad ass .it sure beat taking the bus!!

  2. Started out on a xr when I was a kid, broke a leg and a arm on it, and keep riding after I healed up, still riding today on my Harley, lol im 54 now.

  3. I bought a 1975 model used in 1977 for $220 and it was my first big purchase with my own money when I was 9 years old. I rode it every day until the early 80’s, when puberty made my legs too long for it to be comfortable and I upgraded to a Yamaha. However, I still occasionally rode it until 1986, when I gave it to the little brother of my friend for a birthday present. He rode it well into the 90’s. I recently found out that he kept the bike in storage until 2010, when he brought it out, did a valve job on it and gave it to his son. I’m in my 50’s now and I hope to see the bike still running in another 20 years. When I reach my *second childhood*, I might just try to buy it back and ride it again…lol…

  4. I have a 1973 xr 75 I bought about a yr ago an I found it in a barn. Got it running good an had to replace tires cables an the seat an naturally a tune up. Totally stock in good condition. Any idea what it’s worth?

  5. Had a mini trail 70 that was suppose to be my mom’s but I inherited it. When it came to stepping up my dad wanted me to get the street legal version, SL70 I believe, but the XR’s were the cool thing & was able to talk him in to getting it for me. From then on I bought my own! ’76 CR125 $625, ’79Cr125 $1325! Finally a uppipe on th Elsinore! I pre ordered it & was my Senior high school present to myself. I called it th “Marty Smith” works bike! Raced Grand Prix at Corona, desert, Escape country( Robinson Ranchnow), Saddle Back, El Mirage Etc., Had the best times of my life!!! Never forget riding in the back of the truck with my XR , listening to the radio on the way to Escape Country. Sometimes my dad would just stop in a newly dirt grated area right by Laguna Hills Mall, let me ride there to cure my addiction!,

  6. Wow I had a 73 & 74. Ascot park in Gardena I had 22 strait win on my xr . 2nd in stock class 4 th in mod world mini gp. Wish I had pic s or film. Anyone. Have any 73. 74 so cal race track saddleback calisbad Indian dunes

  7. Im currently refurbishing a barn load of honds .that i gathered up over the years .all in the xr 75 xr 80 and xl 80s .my kids laugh at me . one i tell them stories about the bikes .one was my best friends wife s ice racer xr 80. Debbie was only 4 foot 2 .tail .and 102 lb .with a lot of sheet metal srews in the tires .it worked .well..some we picked up at mid ohio .porland .iw..some in p.a..parris ontario..Huntsville. Quebec. …now out of 10 parts bikes and lots parts we hope to restore 6 bikes .and ride them at the show s one things get back to normal

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