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GP’s Classic Steel #116: Honda XR75

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  1. I had one of these bikes and I had the best time with it as A kid . Heck I even drove it to jr high and the girls would think I was some kind of bad ass .it sure beat taking the bus!!

  2. Started out on a xr when I was a kid, broke a leg and a arm on it, and keep riding after I healed up, still riding today on my Harley, lol im 54 now.

  3. I bought a 1975 model used in 1977 for $220 and it was my first big purchase with my own money when I was 9 years old. I rode it every day until the early 80’s, when puberty made my legs too long for it to be comfortable and I upgraded to a Yamaha. However, I still occasionally rode it until 1986, when I gave it to the little brother of my friend for a birthday present. He rode it well into the 90’s. I recently found out that he kept the bike in storage until 2010, when he brought it out, did a valve job on it and gave it to his son. I’m in my 50’s now and I hope to see the bike still running in another 20 years. When I reach my *second childhood*, I might just try to buy it back and ride it again…lol…

  4. I have a 1973 xr 75 I bought about a yr ago an I found it in a barn. Got it running good an had to replace tires cables an the seat an naturally a tune up. Totally stock in good condition. Any idea what it’s worth?

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