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  1. “Greg McQuerry and I testing”? I didn’t know you even existed for the first few months of the show Swiz. Sorry but you had literally zero to do with it. You had no involvement with the server, setting up software, or hardware. I think a month or two in you were doing the archiving, I think, but as far as anything streaming, no. I would save a recording of each show, so would Steve, and I honestly don’t remember if Steve was uploading them to iTunes or if you were. I think about the time Stitcher was being used is where you came in. But as far as the live show, no. You might have given advise on the mixing board and/or some equipment later on, but I never heard your name for the first few months. An from show 1, there wasn’t any testing needed, just getting Steve used to using the software and being Steve on the mic. There was a few instances of Steve forgetting to record the show, but otherwise, it went off without a hitch until the infamous month of ISP problems.

    Where the Show was Born……

    I was listening or reading (I truly can’t remember) to conversation between Steve and Weege, and it was brought up about doing an online live show and Steve said something along the lines of he had talked to several people and the costs where way to high, in the thousands. I sent him an email, explained who I was (all of the Mike Kidd BooKoo ArenaCross webcasts) and explained that server rental and bandwidth for a show was not much at all and even said I would initially cover it. The gentleman’s agreement over a phone call was I would cover the server/servers and the bandwidth, and once we got everything up and running and grew, throw me 20% of the net from the show, and I would continue to cover the costs out of that. I full well knew it would take a while, and it didn’t bother me in the slightest to pay for it because it really wasn’t that much at first.

    Steve was all for it if I could truly get it done, he was rightly a bit apprehensive. I went home on a Thursday night and had him a streaming server setup within an hour. I sent Steve a link, and was talking to him over the stream and he was full steam ahead. The next night we started the trial of teaching Steve to install, setup, and use casting software, connecting to the server, and the need for a better quality mic. Headsets at that time just weren’t that great.

    The first shows went off better than I expected. You could tell he hadn’t found “his groove” but that he for sure wasn’t far off. The only real issue was he had a tendency to make some sound after every sentence a guest said! lol We even had a VOIP server for a bunch of us to hop into and talk along with a chat server. The chat server was a trail! Modding that, there are some genuinely insane people out there! The part that had Steve excited was from show 1, we had respectable numbers but it was the diversity across the globe, the tracking showed we had a lot of Aussie, European, and Asian listeners!

    Then came the fun, a few months in, of a problem with Steve’s internet connection. We literally couldn’t do the show some nights without major connections issues. His ISP was saying it was the streaming server, or Steve’s equipment. We literally would have Steve hook up his iPod and steam for hours, without a hitch, during the day, with no issues but during the time the show would kick off, he wouldn’t be able to connect at all at times! Frustrating doesn’t begin to cover it. We both noticed that it was only at certain times there was an issue, primarily right around the time everyone in his neighborhood would get home and start using a lot of internet! Show start time, it was horrible and doing a traceroute showed a huge problem 2 hops from his computer with major packet loss, but a few hours later, it was ok. He finally managed to get an actual human tech from his ISP to his house one afternoon, argued with him and he wasn’t seeing anything wrong, of course it was during the afternoon! Steve was like, “ok mr tech, talk to this guy!” put him on the phone with me and I told him exactly where the issue was because of countless traceroutes I had Steve do during the times when he had no connection due to packet loss, the tech still wouldn’t do anything! I sent screenshots of the traceroutes to tech and finally he went and looked. It was the node overheating that led to his specific block of houses, trace route showed second hop from Steve’s streaming computer. It went computer, modem, blamo problem. Tech went there and amazingly there was a problem! facepalm.

    Thing went smoothly for a long time, the show grew, out went Lindsey, in came Kenny and oh my how things exploded and rose in listeners. Kenny was hidden gold. As good as Steve is, and make no mistake, he’s exceptionally good and had been so from day one, Kenny was the chaos that led to some of the greatest quotes ever, he was truly rare people! What would the chancability be? lol Need a word? Eff it, Kenny will make one up for you! gold!

    The issue came up between us over money. I wont go into details, that’s between me and Steve, and the rest is history. I’m proud of Steve and the show, still listen/watch and glad he finally did what I was saying all those years ago, just setup a good camera and get an overall look at the desk and himself and guest host, yes I was pushing for that way back then! lol I did live video streaming for Mike Kidd, it was part of the same software he was using for just audio. I even had mocked up advertising drops to put in the video stream.

    The one thing I still regret though, doing live shows, from a race the morning of or night before, supercross and nationals. I should have pushed a little harder on that because it would have been epic. I went so far as kind of mocking up a “set”, what equipment would be need to stream, and how to get it from place to place, just didn’t go for it like I should have, this was before RaceDayLive!. I had a lot going on at the time, those missed opportunities!

    1. Sorry you don’t remember or weren’t aware of my presence during testing and setup prior to the first show Greg but it’s a fact. ✌🏼

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