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Classic Steel 122: 1989 RM 250

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  1. 4/1/2019
    Thanks Tony for your article, I suppose I bought my 89 RM 250 K late september 2019. Maybe I can sell it for a little bit more than I paid ? Vintage seems to add a percentage to anything over 25 years.

    Dan Simmons

    1. I’m posting here because i just recently purchased what I believe to be a 1989 RM 250!! I could not find any numbers on the motor or the frame but reluctantly I went ahead and bought it. Later after further inspection realized that the numbers had all been removed . Definitely needing some help identifyng what I actually have.

      1. Guess what Max, it was stolen! I have an 1989 RM250 flat tracker with two extra motors so I’m familiar with them, bad-ass 2-smoke! Nobody in their right mind removes serial numbers from engine or frame, that’s a dead give away. My advise, ride it like you stole it!

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